If you have been modeling for a while you have probably had to do some non-electronic soldering at one time or another. The best candidate for this is Silver Solder.Click Here


There, perfect. Now if I can just hold it right there and reach over and get the glue and put a bead rightÖ. Dang itís clogged again. Sound like a soap commercial? There is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent ALL of your glue devices from doing what glue is supposed to do before itís supposed to do it. Put on your neediest face and ask your kids for a clump of there modeling clay. If you donít have kids or they donít have clay, you can pick up some at your local clay store. I got mine in the toy department at my local Target store about ten years ago and I still havenít made a dent in the box. Pinch off a piece of clay and pinch it over the end of your glue gun, CA pipette or CA bottle. I have left my glue devices for as long as six months and when I pulled off the clay they were ready to use.

When constructing a structure that must be bent such as the forward fuselage section, it is helpful to select similar wood for both sides. Here is one way that works well. Select the triangle and 1/4Ē square stock you want to use. Then cut the sticks in half and use material from the same sticks on both sides. There is no guarantee that the sticks will be consistent from end to end, but the odds are better then using dissimilar stock.
When building the pylon we think there is a better way then that described in the instruction sheet. The pylon is composed of two halves that mirror each other. Itís difficult to get the two halved to match perfectly as described on the plans. Here is what we suggest. Build the first half as described in the plans. Remove that half from the plan and cut a piece of waxed paper just large enough to cover the pylon. Place that over the finished half and then clamp the second half of the pylon to first one. Take care to align them closely. Now install F10 and F11 to the second pylon half. Add the leading and trailing edges, lining each of these components up with the other side. Let this glue set up well before removing the second pylon half from the first half. Now sheet the second half and you should have pylon halves that mate perfectly.

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