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This is a sport scale model of the famous Lear Fan, the last aircraft designed by the brilliant Bill Lear. This cutting edge turbo prop design was the first 100% composite aircraft ever built and you can see many of its features in aircraft being manufactured today. This model will draw a crowd at any flight line. Features over 350 laser cut precision engineered parts (56 laser cut sheets). Balsa and ply construction, just what you are used to. The fuselage and empennage sheeting is laser cut for FAST assembly. Fiberglass and plastic components available. This is a builders dream kit and a modelers dream aircraft, and it flies even better then it looks.


Top notch short kit includes all laser cut parts, including laser cut fuselage and empennage sheeting for a fast precision building experience. Includes rolled plans sheets and building instructions. Just add sticks, and wing skins of your choice. Glass and plastic kit available from Stan’s Fibertech. Short kit also includes building and transport cradle to keep your model looking great. Like its full scale counterpart, the Lear Fan is a solid performer on the ground and in the air.

Lear Fan Short Kit..............$349.95 Shipping
Shipping and handling (21 lbs.) $60.00

Designed by: John Valentine Type Aircraft: Sport Scale Wing Span: 78” Wing Chord: 8.5” Average Total Wing Area: 680 Sq. In. Wing Location: Low Airfoil: NACA 2315 Semi Symmetrical Wing Planform: Tapered Dihedral Each Tip: 1-15/16” Overall Fuselage Length: 71-7/8” Radio Compartment Size: 34” x 8” x 8” Stabilizer Span: V-Tail tip to tip 35” Stabilizer Chord: 5.57” Average Stabilizer Area: 201 Sq. In. Stab Airfoil: Symmetrical Stabilizer Location: Top of Fuselage Vertical Fin Height: Sub Fin 5.75” Vertical Fin Width: 5.75” Average Rec. Engine Size: 45 – 60 Fuel Tank: 12 oz. Landing Gear: Tricycle Retractable Rec. No. of Channels: 7 Control Functions: Ail., Elev., Flp., Gear, Rud., Throt. C.G. From Leading Edge: 4-1/8” at the fuselage side Elevator Throws: L 3/8” H 5/8” U&D Aileron Throws: L 1/4” H 1/2” U&D Rudder Throws: 5/8” Flap Throw: 35Ί Max Right Thrust: 0Ί Down Thrust: 0Ί Basic Materials used in construction Fuselage: Balsa, Lite Ply, Ply, Glass Wing: Balsa, Ply, Spruce Empennage: Balsa, Lite Ply Wt. Ready to Fly: 10 Lb. 8 Oz. Wing Loading: 35.5 Oz./Sq. Ft.
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Fuselage and Finish
Wing and Empenage
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