Spunky is an intermediate trainer/sport model. Designed to take you to the next level. Capable of advanced maneuvers yet rock stable. The perfect combination for those who have mastered the high wing trainer. We recommend a good 25 size engine for the low wing beginner, if your thumbs are a little more experienced, switch to a 40. Spunky is 100% laser cut and builds FAST. You can build the fuselage and empennage in four hours, the wing in about six. All wing and motor mount holes are laser cut for perfect accuracy. You will appreciate the laser cut hinge slots that will give you a perfect hinge line every time. Yes this is a kit but it will build in less time then many ARF’s and the quality will blow them away. This rugged design feature a wide gear stance for those windy days, removable tip plate for added protection and better handling. Top Notch materials, Top Notch engineering, of course, it’s a Top Notch kit.
Spunky Specs 
Aircraft Name: Spunky
Designed by: John Valentine
Type Aircraft: Intermediate Trainer/Sport
Wingspan: 52”
Wing Chord: 10.125”
Total Wing Area: 528 Sq. In.
Wing Location: Bottom of Fuselage
Airfoil: Symmetrical
Wing Planform: Constant Chord
Dihedral, Each Tip: 7/8” (2Ί)
Overall Fuselage Length: 38-1/4”
Radio Compartment Size: 9-7/8”(L) x 3”(W) x 3-5/8”(D)
Stabilizer Span: 16-1/2”
Stabilizer Chord (inc. elev.): 4-1/2” (Avg.)
Stabilizer Area: 75 Sq. In.
Stab Airfoil Section: Flat
Stabilizer Location: Fuselage top
Vertical Fin Height: 7”
Vertical Fin Width (inc. Rud.): 7” (Avg.)
Rec. Engine Size: .2 - .4 Cu. In. Glow
Fuel Tank Size: 6 – 8 Oz.
Landing Gear: Tricycle
Rec. No. of Channels: 4
Control Functions: Ail. Elev. Rud. Throt.
C.G. From Leading Edge: 3”
Elevator Throws: 3/8” Up, 3/8” Down
Aileron Throws: 3/8” Up, 3/8” Down
Rudder Throws: 1 1/4” R, 1 1/4” L
Right Thrust: 1 1/2Ί
Down Thrust: 0Ί
Basic Materials used in Construction
Fuselage-Lite Ply, Balsa
Wing-Balsa, Ply
Weight Ready to Fly- 4-5 Lbs.
Wing Loading-17-18 Os. Sq. Ft.

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Spunky Kit Highlights

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